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  The name shall be “Ecumenical Forum for Peace, Reunification and Development Cooperation on the Korean Peninsula” and shall hereafter be referred to as the “Ecumenical Forum for Korea”.
  In the spirit of the churches’ commitment to peace and reunification expressed in the Tozanso process since 1984, the Ecumenical Forum for Korea will serve as a cooperative endeavor of churches, national councils of churches, mission organizations and church-related development agencies in cooperation with the WCC, CCA and other ecumenical bodies.
  The Ecumenical Forum for Korea aims to:
1. Strengthen ecumenical participation in the peace and reunification efforts on the Korean Peninsula as well as reconciliation in North East Asia.
2. Promote effective development cooperation on the basis of mutual trust and transparency through sharing of resources and experience in the ecumenical community.
  The Ecumenical Forum for Korea shall have the following tasks and functions:
a) Initiate dialogue and cooperation among participating churches, ecumenical bodies, church agencies for common action for peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula;
b) Gather and mobilize material, technical, and financial resources for development cooperation with DPRK;
c) Ensure mutual transparency and accountability for effective work;
d) Develop and maintain systematic communications among participants.
  The Steering Group will convene the Forum not less than once every two years, as a meeting of representatives from churches, national council of churches, mission organizations, development agencies and other ecumenical bodies who subscribe to the Terms of Reference as outlined above.
  A Steering Group composed of a core group representing NCCK, KCF, CCA, WCC and up to four representatives of other participating organizations appointed by the Forum meeting, shall serve as the coordinating body between meetings of the Forum, with authority to decide on matters that need immediate action.
  Meetings will be self-financed with all costs shared. The work of the network will be supported by project funding and voluntary contributions.
  Any other agenda not specified herein shall be decided by the meetings of the Ecumenical Forum for Korea.
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