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To mobilize dialogue and cooperation for peace and reunification and to improve chances for the church leaders of South Korea and North Korea to meet together through international consultations on the basis of the spirit of the ecumenical meetings in Tozanso in 1984 and in Glion in 1986 which were initiated by the WCC.
To support joint prayer meetings between the NCCK and KCF , and to encourage world churches to pray, using the "Common Prayer" prepared every year by the NCCK and KCF, and to participate in programs of exchange cooperation between the KCF and NCCK.
To deepen understanding of North Korea and of the urgent necessity for reunification on the Korean peninsula, through ecumenical visits by world churches to North Korea and the sharing of the results of these visits.
To encourage EFK member churches to share information with one another and other world churches about their work in relation to the issue of peace and reunification.
To work in partnership with the Korean Christian Federation (KCF) in North Korea.
To participate in humanitarian assistance and social development cooperation in North Korea with a vision for the future, and to focus on the achievement of peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula as well as on building peace in North-East Asia.
To help the KCF carry out its role in the society of North Korea.
To share information in relation to support of North Korea and to mobilize material, technical, and financial resources for development cooperation with the DPRK.
To develop common projects and to mobilize the participation of world churches in these projects.
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